Jean-David Roth, Your Coach

We Help retired people who want MORE from life to get it FASTER

Many retired people face this problem : they were employed all their life and took the habit to take the orders and execute.

But now they want to experiment their new freedom, and be the boss, not really being used to take initiatives, nor go out of their comfort zone.

Or they don't know how to start. Or they don't know what to learn...

These are the problem we address, as long as many other, with recently retired people in mind.

These are the problems we experienced as well.


Do you want to give back to people some of what you learned? Help the world?
Are you stuck, because you started many things, but don't really know what to do?

We Help You to better organize your dreams, your plans, your knowledge, your tasks, along the Time Line no one is able to escape, to help you GET RESULTS, aka the compound interests of the work and energy you will put into this project !

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Organize your dreams.

Then choose the right one to start with,
one you will be able to make a real project out of

Set a deadline. Otherwise chances it will stay a dream forever.

This has to do with sense of reality, difficulty, sellability, and many more.

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The next step is: make the broad planning.

Learn/plan/execute will be there at many granularity level of your daily tasks.

But you need to plan first, to make it easier to execute.

You will execute 90% of the time.

It will feel much easier if you planned and sliced the work to be done before the right way it has to be done.

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Execution: You will need to find the right balance between

  • the time you consume at doing things and
  • the degree of perfection you achieve.

Stop being perfect.

Apply the 80/20 rule, while still delivering something really pro.

You'll start by answering a questionnaire, so to make it clearer where you are, what you are passionate about that you can teach, and a few other things

This can help a lot to measure what needs to be done and which path to take.

Your knowledge needs to address needs in the general public.

You will then try to slice your knowledge so that they can be put into chunks that make sense to be learned in the right sequence.
keeping in mind that you want to help people improve their lives.

You can do this with different formats, videos, documents, on-line zoom classes... But you will have to choose one to start with, too.

What is all about? Sorting your dreams and choose one. Plan the steps to make it real. Execute the the task-steps this does require. the main thing is to find the right balance between these activities, stay organized, and find the right mindset, enthusiasm, to be really determined and motivated to execute the steps instead of wathever else (watching TV for instance)

How it works

Step 1 Change is the "result getting" tool.

What will be my very own way of changing things in my life?
What is changeable?
Am I ready and am I courageous enough to use such a powerful tool?
Is my unconscious mind pushing on the brakes?

Change Acceleration is even better

It works like compound interests. You reap what you will sow

What can you make to implement this powerful accelerating component in your life?

The power of 1 tool we use will help you tremendously. This tool can adapt itself to your reality. You will choose the way you will use it. By the way, there is just too much in this training so to consume everything. But every part goes straight to the point. Shortcuts will be the norm. Mataphor will help.

All this is going to change your life, if you adhere to what they say and teach. And that is for choices to be made. To fit your beliefs, your personality, your morals. To fit you well.

Aces Accelerating  

This is exactly what you are on the verge to become. You need to go in the right direction though. Up to now, you perhaps did not.

This might be the reason you are reading this.

How could you take the right direction? There is one word for that : CHANGE

How  Implement change within oneself? Within ourself?

Intention Motivation Determination, but non only : you should be REPROGRAMMING YOURSELF.

And the right method and tools to do just that. With my help, fine tuned to your exact case.

Take it from someone who spend most of his life testing and writing programs, and who tried to change himself tremendously.

Of course you will not change your genetic heritage. But you will change everything else, or at least will be given the choice to be led step by step to the road of Change.

This is what I will teach to you, and this is what you will be able to teach your own future clients, and even your friends, member family)

Love, Freedom, Happiness, Truth, Money, Work, Pleasure, Nature,...

What are the values you estimate the most? Which do you want to improve on?

Why not make a list right now?

Why not assemble these values in pairs to see how they conflict or build oen upon another?

Step 2 Change, but what? What are the values in your mind? 

Freedom? Money? Happinness? Harmony? Power? Wealth? All of the above 🙂 ?

You have to know yourself well to choose your real indicators of your success. What do YOU (not your family, not your parents, not the society) want to put first?

Its time for you to do the reprogramming, Enough of your parents and the society having been doing that while you weren't watching (because you weren't aware)

Step 3 Get my secret change implementation tool

Yes you have the chance to get it within this teaching package. A real plus.

Investigate also other change helpers :

Thinking critically with the Thesis - Antithesis way of thinking. And many more

What does this tool look like? A question mark, yes...

And a big one.

This secret tool is very simple. You will love to have a sophisticated version of it at hand. You might even be able to share it with others, under some conditions.

You certainly have access to a basic version of it, but nobody knows it's there, available, but neglected, while it can bring tremendous results, when used the right way...

This tool will prove key to change and change will prove key to getting results.

Organization is Timeline and Retroaction Awareness

Organization is also a rational thing. Do not let your horoscope dictate your life.

Oranization is the right recipe for you of these ingredients too : Learning to know, Planning to execute, Execute to reap the rewards.

Seen like this it suddenly feels evident.

Step 4 A big dose of organization

Introducing you to my personal adaptation of the famous David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) Method, so you can better free your mind.

Here is How We’ll Do it…

Personal Coaching

You will get 2 x 30 min of 1 on 1 with me

Step by Step Videos and Trainings

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Full Support to Guide You

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Jean-David Roth, Your Coach

Meet Your Coach and Mentor

Remind them about you and why you have the credibility

I am Jean-David Roth.  Now retired, I have been mostly doing software programming and testing in my prior life as an employee in a banking environment.

I had to help programs behave better to be more friendly with their humans users, and developed an ability to put myself in other persons


As soon as retired, I had great projects (and a bit less time left to accomplish them). What was I going to do out of my new freedom?

Maybe you are in a similar position.

Restart my writing here:

I have been working with computer programs nearly all my life because I was 20 when the first PCs were sold.

I took a dose of psychology, as a (psychologist) client, for about 8 years from 25 to 33 approx...

I found out that freedom is something great to achieve. But how to define it?

Mainly the whole training and coaching that I am about to provide you with revolves (about/) around this question. Because not only does the/this concept need a general definition, but also, every human has a different representation about what freedom really is. And generally/essentially speaking freedom is :
What you dream of and do not have.

What your neighbor has that you do not.

The constraints you want to escape from, as well as you want to escape from what you don't like.

And this is why it is so different from one person to the other.

At the age 19, I had to make a dissertation about freedom. It was homework, and the philosophy teacher was a young and beautiful woman. I don't know if this motivated me, but I think it did. I really took the time to find out my answer from thinking deep inside, thinking about what my life had been until now. My findings, at that time, tended to rejoin those of Einstein, a little bit unconsciously, because I didn't made it in the following words at that time :

all is relative, all has to do with your point of view, and the laws (of physics) are the same everywhere for everyone.

Are you ready?

This changes things for you!

Jean-David Roth, Your Coach

Friend, I want to make it SO EASY for you to have your own Signature Coaching Business . . . and that's why I've designed this complete end to end system to make it just that easy!

With my complete system - plus if you get in before the timer expires - you'll have just that . . . you can have your first launch in just weeks . . .

And transform your life forever!

I encourage you to scroll up and get started!

Jean-David Roth

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